“Push yourself to excellence”

Rod is not only very knowledgeable, but he’s also extremely good at motivating you to push yourself to excellence.  After a training session, I feel like I’m stronger physically and mentally.”

Caroline Kyle

Metro Flex Souljah

“I was shown the true meaning of perseverance”

In the year 2015, I met Rod Walker with little training and no competition (body building) experience.  Rod immediately saw the potential and work ethic I possessed and advised he would help me get to the next level, that being an IFBB Pro.  With no hesitation, Rod and I went to work the very next day!  The following year, 2016, I was fortunate to win 3 overall victories out of 3 NPC shows and my Pro card, all within 8 months!  With Rod’s guidance and leadership, I was shown the true meaning of perseverance, dedication and hard work!  Also, during training, Rod talked about some of his personal experiences, both good and bad, which I was able to learn from and apply to my day-to-day life.”

IFBB Pro Abo Felton

Metro Flex Souljah

“It has become a crucial part of my lifestyle”

Rod has been my trainer consistently for the past year. He is truly providing stellar service and value for the price paid. Personal training is an investment into yourself and into your health. Rod is encouraging and very knowledgeable about training in general especially about : weightlifting , power lifting , boot camp training and material arts. He incorporates all training aspects for the needs of the individual . He is NOT using a cookie cutter approach and has an open mind on different training principals . Most of all you can tell that training is his passion. He is fully engaged at all times , constantly helping me to achieve higher goals . Since training with Rod – I receive many compliments on my physique from strangers – I tell them: ‘Bod by Rod’ I can only recommend Rod to anybody who is willing to invest in their health , looks and gerne all well- being . Most of all training is FUN ! You look forward to every training day – it has become a crucial part of my lifestyle !

Sabine Adams

Metro Flex Souljah

“This is truly MY happy hour!”

I’ve always truly enjoyed working out but had become very frustrated when I wasn’t seeing any visible muscular changes after years of work and several “trainers.” Then I was introduced to Rod who seemed so serious and dedicated to his clients. Little did I know what a clown (dedicated clown)he is, which only makes his intense workouts actually fun! I’ve seen tremendous results in my 6 months with Rod than in years of my previous training! I am very grateful to Rod and his patience with me and the awesome results I am seeing and will continue to see as I continue to learn from “the master!” This is truly MY happy hour! Thank you Rod, Nancy Stewart

Nancy Stewart

Metro Flex Souljah

“On point and physically challenging”

“One of the BEST in the Game: knowledgeable, consistent and motivating… Training sessions were always intense, on point and physically challenging, but the final result was an enhanced mentality and an incredible physique!!!”

Donovan “Don B” Anderson

Metro Flex Souljah

“Great motivator and friend”

“Great person and trainer…Love results…. Great motivator and friend.”

Tekitia Burchette

Metro Flex Souljah

“A big part in helping me earn my first pro win”

“Training with Slaughta was one of the highlights of my career.  He had a way of motivating you and kicking your a** at the same time and making you love it.  We had some unorthodox workouts that many tried, but couldn’t hang.  This man was a big part in helping me earn my first pro win.  Thx Bro!”

A.N.T., IFBB Pro Antoine Williams

Metro Flex Souljah

“Integral part of my personal metamorphosis”

“Training under the tutelage of a world-class master trainer has been nothing short of an honor and privilege for this former “chubby church lady.”  As I continue to create the angelic form I so desire, I would like the world to know that Slaughta aka “Rod of Correction” has been an integral part of my personal metamorphosis.””

Rachel “Angel Eyes” Watkins

Metro Flex Souljah

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